Thursday, December 4, 2008

Where is my Ball Python's ass?

"Where is my ball python's ass?" A guy I met at a local pet shop who was trying to probe his Ball Python asked me this.

Once I saw what he was trying to do, I volunteered to probe his ball python for him. It looked horrible, for the snake, as this guy was randomly poking at the underside of it's tail, I think the ball python, which turned out to be a girl, was about to strike at him already lol. He did have lube, but was poking around instead of trying to find the "ass". It just made me want to write something here about probing your snake.

If you have no experience sexing snakes, please ask a vet or someone experienced to do it for you. And avoid asking questions like "Where is my ball python's ass?" lol

Here are some excellent video to help you learn more about sexing your ball pythons (don't break your ball python when you try popping it).


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I know, especially when there's poop/sperm that comes out while popping. :P