Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Ball Python feeders, how to breed?

If you're thinking about breeding your own feeders for your Ball Python, you should go with rats, not mice. Because mice stink AND bite. Rats are smart, friendly and don't stink as much. And a full grown adult will need more than one mouse, it will be better to feed your Ball Python rats at a young age so he doesn't imprint on mice.

If you own one or two ball pythons, breeding your own feeders for your ball pythons will not be worth the effort. And rats know how to breed. Once you get to breed once, there's no stopping them (unless you separate them of course). You'll have an excess of rat pups if you only have two ball pythons to feed. Of course you could also sell them to your local pet shop / snake keepers for some extra. I usually freeze some rat pups that can be fed to baby ball pythons.

You'll need a 40 gallon tank or tub, any size will do, it depends on how many you breed, for a 40 gallon I use 3 females and a male. I don't really separate any of them, just leave them all there and separate the male once the babies are born and I don't need any more. I also separate the babies once they can eat on their own, I either feed or freeze them and sell it to other snake keepers. Make sure when you start breeding feeders, the aquarium you use will be ESCAPE PROOF. Rats can jump real high, so better have a screen top that locks on, or a rubbermaid tub.

I feed my feeders rat pellets, and some fresh fruit. Put a water dish that you refill everyday, a hide to make them feel secure and you're all done. If you only have one or two ball pythons, you really should not breed rats, it will be cheaper to just buy from a pet store. If you aren't worried about the price, then breeding is great because you can give your ball python quality feeder rats.

Here's a video on How your rat setup should look like