Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ball Python Feeding

Feeding a ball python

Ball pythons, like all pythons, can go on for a long time without food or water. Months without food is not rare for ball pythons. The feeding of ball pythons can range from 5 days, to every two weeks. Younger pythons need to eat every 5 days to 1 week in order to have good growth, and a healthy body.

As a general rule, snake keepers do not often feed anything thicker than the snakes thickest part, as this could lead to your snake's death. Also overfeeding multiple smaller preys are also dangerous to snakes. Unlike us, they take a while to digest food, and they conserve every bit of energy they have, that's why you will always see them sitting in a corner, or a hide.

This Ball Python feeding video will show you what NOT to feed your snakes. This rat is way too big for the ball python, and it is titled "Ball python Vs Monster Rat"