Monday, November 17, 2008

Ball Python Bite videos

Some Ball Python Videos of people getting bit.

Here's a guy who got bit on the finger by a little Ball Python named Marvin. It doesn't hurt that much looking at his Ball Python's size, maybe he's just sensitive, but what he said about "try not to move away quickly, you could damage their fangs" is correct. Ball Python's teeth curve inward, to help pull prey in, so if you pull against that, it will cause you to bleed more, and you might pull out your Ball Python's teeth. Just let your Ball Python let go on it's own.

This has go to be the funniest video I have ever seen. Baby Ball Python swallowing finger of boy. He must have handled a rat before the handling the Ball Python, since it confused his finger for a mouse.

The same kid getting his finger eaten by his Ball Python. lol

If you enjoyed these Ball Python videos, take some time to read the Ball Python FAQ or Ball Python Pet Care guide.


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