Thursday, November 13, 2008

About Ball Python Pet Care

This blog is all about Ball Pythons, and how to care for Ball.

One reason for me creating this blog is because I have been asked countless times by a lot of my friends and relatives why do I keep snakes? How do I take care of Ball Pythons? Are they dangerous? Do they cost a lot compared to having a dog or cat? Do Ball Pythons BITE??! (that being the most asked of them all lol )

Ball Pythons are amazing pets, they are easy to take care of, very docile and hardy animals. Out of the six years I have been keeping Ball Pythons, I have only been bitten thrice, and it's almost always my fault because my hand had the scent of it's food item, or other stupid feeding errors. AND A BITE FROM A BALL PYTHON DOES NOT HURT!! A puppy or a kitten's bite hurts more than a bite from my Ball Python. I guess part of the fear comes from the bad rep they get from the media. Snakes are not evil slimy creatures out to bite you. They aren't even slimy at all.

Hopefully after browsing through a couple of pages here in Ball Python Pet Care, you will have learned something new and helpful to you and your new Ball Python pet. If you're still planning to buy and don't have a Ball Python yet, I strongly suggest you keep doing what you're doing (researching), that's the first step in ensuring you'll have a happy, long lived lifetime companion. The oldest Ball Python in captivity was a female ball python who was reported to live up to forty eight years old.

Have fun reading and I hope this website helps you take care of your new pet, or helps you decide to get your own little Ball Python!

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