Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ball Python Vs Dog

How does the Ball Python compare in terms of cost, initial and upkeep, vs a dog.

Ball Python costs
Initial cost :
Normal morph Ball Python - $20-100 (100 being extremely over priced)
Water Dish - Free - $12.99
Thermometer + Hygrometer - $12.99
Hides - Free-$20 for 2.
Screen cover -
$17.99 (for 30 gallon aquariums)
Substrate - Free-$6.49 to 24.99 (depending on amount. Resuseable, but recommended to soak in scolding hot water, or replace every 5 months.)
Undertank Heater - $34.99
Basking lamp - $8.49 to 19.99
Feeding tongs - $9.49
Aquarium or tub-$10 -$159.99 (depends if you want a display habitat, or just something that you can use to keep your Ball Python in)

Ball Python Total initial cost : $143.43 - 303.43 (depends on Aquarium or tub)

Monthly Upkeep : $4-6 for mice or rats. Depends on where you live, and the age of your ball python. Baby Ball Pythons only eat once a week, once every two weeks for older Ball Pythons.

Other upkeep costs
Every 5 months : Substrate : Free-$6.49 to 24.99.
Vet - at least once a year. Price depends on vet and snake

Dog..we'll go with a Shih Tzu
Initial cost:
Shih Tzu - $250-500, no idea how much the high quality show types cost.
Dog accessories - depends on person. We'll leave this at...$200 (that's the most I'd spend on dog toys, collars etc)
Dog training/obedience - I googled "cost of obedience school for dog" and it was crazy....
4 week class-$50
15 week "puppy pre school" - $100
a six week"Canine CHARM school"(wtf?) -$200
Shih Tzu total Initial cost : $450- 700 or $800-$1050, if you go with all the other school/obedience stuff.

Monthly upkeep costs
$17.99 For small dogs. Varies on dog size and type of brand, for this I chose Royal Canin.

Other upkeep costs
Vet - depends on the vet and dog.

Hope this helps show you how cheap it is to buy and keep a Ball Python.


Anonymous said...

Showed this to my pops.

He said ball pythons can be dangerous :(

I really want one man

Anonymous said...

No more dangerous than the Shih Tzu lol...... we are newer Ball Python owners. We have 4 and never had a problem with any of them and the big guy is about 4 feet long.. We ironcily have also owned a Shih Tzu lol loved him to death but just have to say he was way more feisty than the snakes lol :P.