Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ball Python Bite. How do I get bitten?

How do I get a Ball Python bite?

Follow these simple rules, and you will get a Ball Python bite in no time lol (Obviously, if you want to avoid getting a Ball Python bite, just do the opposite)

Some tips to on How to get yourself a Ball Python Bite:

Tip 1 Don't wear gloves while feeding your Ball Python.

Tip 2 HAND FEED your Ball Python. Dangle a rat infront of him and expect your ball python not to bite you.

Tip 3 Handle a rat before you handle your Ball Python, that'll surely confuse your Ball python and you'll surely get a snake bite eventually.

Tip 4 Harass your Ball Python. Flashy lights, ball pythons hate those, or at least one of mine does. He hates the camera flash and strikes at it. Poking your Ball Python with a stick also helps.

Tip 5 Let a kid throw your Ball Python around and treat it like a toy.

Here's how to AVOID a Ball Python bite:

Tip 1 Wear gloves or just drop the mouse or rat in the Ball Python's Habitat and let it hunt. There really is no need to hand feed a living mouse or rat to your Ball Python. No benefit whatsoever. If you're worried they'll get bit by the prey, always have a chopstick, spoon anything you can lodge between the prey's mouth while it is being constricted(usually less than a minute and they are dead).

Tip 2 If you have to dangle a mouse or rat infront of your Ball Python, tongs. ALWAYS use tongs when dangling prey! They sense heat, and you are hotter than the prey, so obviously it'll strike at you. They only strike when they smell their prey, so if you just want to handle your Ball Python, you shouldn't be afraid to get bitten, unless you smell like a mouse/rat/gerbil etc. If it's a live mouse or rat, just let your Ball Python hunt it, no need to dangle it infront of him.

Tip 3 Wash your hands before and after handling your Ball Python pet to remove any scent of prey, to avoid him confusing you for a prey item.

Tip 4 Learn to read your Ball Python's body language, know when he's stressed and about to strike.When you see the "S" form, it means stay the hell away from me. One of my Ball Pythons hate flashy lights, and he gets ready to strike whenever a camera goes off, he's in permanent S form after two or three flashes, it's kinda funny. Avoid excessive handling, Ball Pythons don't enjoy handling, they just tolerate it. By excessive I mean an hour plus, once your Ball Python is already used to daily handling.

Tip 5 Don't leave your Ball Python, or any kind of snake, with kids if they are unsupervised. You never know with snakes. Ball Pythons are wild, although they tolerate us, Ball Pythons can still strike at you anytime, so best not leave your Ball Python alone with someone who can't defend themselves, or panic and kill your Ball Python because it gave out a warning strike.

Some Ball Python bite videos (that you should not follow, unless you want to get a ball python to bite you)

This girl obviously followed tips 1 and 2 on how to get your Ball Python bite. And FYI, poisonous is the wrong term for snakes, they should be called venomous.

Here's an example of tip 3 on how to get your Ball Python to bite. Although this is not a Ball Python, it still works for all snakes. Rat scented warm hand + Ball Python = bite.

Here's a 2-2.5 foot MAX Ball Python biting and constricting a girl. Watch her over react and call the police. "Big Snake Bites and Wraps around Woman" right. It's a TWO FOOT BALL PYTHON! Jesus..

So what should I do then if my Ball Python bites me? If your Ball Python bites you and coils around you, you should wait a few minutes for him to unwrap himself, or if your Ball Python doesn't, calmly unwrap your Ball Python by holding on to it's tail and unwrapping from there. Here's how you should handle a Ball Python bite. (Not a ball python, but still applies)

Now THAT is how to react to a Ball Python bite, not like that woman from the other video. This is even longer than that 2 foot Ball Python in the previous video. Go Steve Irwin!


Sarah said...

Thanks. This helps a lot, and now my mom won't be afraid to hold our ball python. Those people in the videos are seriously stupid. And Steve Irwin rocks!

Blogger said...

Sarah, tell your mom I would buy my kids a ball python before I buy them their own parrot.

Trust me, my african grey parrot has drawn more blood from me than my 9 foot BOA. Our ball python has never bit, since we get home ten years ago. Sweet as a kitten.. speaking of kittens, now THOSE make you bleed a lot. Especially the hyper ones :)